Why So Many Entrepreneurs Keep Learning not Earning

In business, are you a librarian, or a gladiator? Answering this may answer why you’re not getting the results you want.

Hiring for Small Businesses – Know the Order of Operations

Remember how many people were absolutely in LOVE with math in school?

Especially those arithmetic expressions that looked like this? 4 + 2×3 = (4 + 2)×3 = 6×3 = 18?

Let’s not even get into Algebra and Geometry and Calculus.

Some people loved it, absolutely ate it up. But MOST people can’t hack basic math, much less advanced math.

Running good business is very similar in a couple of ways.

Why You Aren’t Happy In Your Business

Chances that is has less to do with how much money you are making and how much time you are working and has much more to do with:

Lack of clarity
Lack focus
Lack of goals and
Lack of priority
Let me break down each step and tell you why it’s these things and not just being broke and burnt out that’s making you miserable.

How Setting Firm Rules and Personal Boundaries Can Liberate You

I feel that every person, in every station in life, and in every aspect in life, should take the time to define and enforce rules of operation–rules that define how they will operate and how they expect everyone else around them to operate… And I think they should enforce those rules. This might sound like […]