Why Writing Down Your Entrepreneurial Vision Matters

Here it is… unsolicited advice.

My knee-jerk reaction to unsolicited advice is to return it it with unsolicited advice.

Like… “Let me tell you where you can put that advice”.

Unless… of course… someone takes the time to explay “WHY” that advice is something I should listen to AND they manage to get me to see their point as valid.

If I’m not on board…

That advice goes in one ear and out the other.

So, in true “Golden Rule” form…

I want to get you to understand why this advice is pertinent to you and get YOU on board so that you not only listen… you DO.


Because if more visionaries could actually COMPLETE their quests to fulfill their visions and bring them to reality… then MY world becomes richer. I will get to reap the rewards of more creativity being brought to life.

I want to see that happen.

Here’s the thing…

The process of you writing down your entrepreneurial vision is likely the first step to making your vision take a physical form.

It’s now stepped out of the ether and onto paper… or some digital equivalent thereof.

I mean, ask yourself, honestly… How many “visions” have you imagined for your business(s)…

And how many of your visions have actually ever come to fruition?


Less than 1%?

My experience in working with hundreds of business owners tells me that for most people… 1% would probably be generous.


A good portion of ideas just aren’t GREAT ideas and shouldn’t necessarily be brought to life.


Until you START bringing your visions to life…  How do you learn how to recognize which ideas are viable and which ones are not?

THAT kind of knowledge only comes from experience…

Experience that most people never get to because they are too busy being busy… too busy planning… too busy doing… well … anything but bringing their visions to life.

That’s the power of writing down your entrepreneurial visions.

Did you know the word “entrepreneur” is derived from the French verb entreprendre, which means “to undertake”?

And one of the definitions of “undertake” is attempt. Another definition is to “Commit to”

So, one could say that an entrepreneur is one who commits to attempt to do something.

One may also say that wording explains why most of them never actually COMPLETE anything.

Oh… the opportunities for judgement and criticism here are ENDLESS.

And won’t we be happy to pass that judgement on ourselves, and stop all progress?

And if not, won’t others be more than willing to pass that judgement on us, and halt the train…

If you want to become one of those visionaries who makes great things happen…

You want to START by bringing your vision to life as fast as possible.

That starts with writing it down.

Yes… it may fail.

But better to have failed through the experience of trial rather than to die in the mind before ever having a chance at life.

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