Hello. My name is Tina.
I’m here to help grow your profits.

I’m Tina Marie, and I’m a business consultant that has helped several startups grow to million dollar businesses within a year, and others to multi-million dollar companies in under three years from their inception.

To tell you how I got here, I’d have to go back a good 30+ years.

I was entrepreneurial and geeky from the beginning.

At 8, I was learning how to write programs in BASIC on a Radioshack TRS80 (think floppy disk and cassette tape drives… oh yeah!)

Lemonade stands were a little too social for my taste, back in the day, so at ten, I was mowing lawns and babysitting. By 11 I had a paper route and made a good $65 a month. From that point on, if I wanted something, I was the one who
made it happen.

I worked in fields picking crops with migrant workers. I worked in school cafeterias and then hustled my way into a job at a Law office as a 16 year old runner for 5 local attorneys when I had decided I wanted to go into law.

I managed to get a full ride to college and then quit.. Three times before quitting for good, when I realized I couldn’t stand the agendas and propoganda that came with the education.

Instead, I found a way to get paid to learn, and started working in a call center that housed tech giants like Intel, Apple, Adobe and the likes. While I started as a technician, I rapidly moved up the ranks to account management during
my 6 years there. I learned that I have a knack for improving any environment I worked in via optimization.

My systems saved jobs and accounts before I even realized the power of what I had created.

After the birth of my second (of four) daughters, I decided to figure out how to replace my full time income from home. While I went down the “SQUIRREL!!!” path that most entrepreneurs find themselves on, I quickly (Within a year) realized
I could take my existing skills and find a home for them online.

I’ve been growing companies as a secret weapon on the inside ever since… all while having the time to raise my girls, cook their meals, coach them in sports and do the things that matter most to me.

And now… 16 years after starting online and 17 years after my first child, I’m sharing my systems with as many entrepreneurs as I can so that others can be as happy, fulfilled, and liberated as I am.

Working smarter and not harder is not cliche… It’s an anthem to live by. Follow me, and I’ll show you

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I’m here to help people grow their business using simple but effective methods



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