Why You Aren’t Happy In Your Business

Chances that is has less to do with how much money you are making and how much time you are working and has much more to do with:

  • Lack of clarity
  • Lack focus
  • Lack of goals and
  • Lack of priority

Let me break down each step and tell you why it’s these things and not just being broke and burnt out that’s making you miserable.

First of all, understand that being broke and being stressed in work, as well as being miserable, are all SYMPTOMS and not a cause.

The above items I stated are the actual cause of the problems, and knowing this is what’s going to help you actually SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

First, lack of clarity.

Clarity is crucial in order for the next three items to be achieved.

Unfortunately, but not uncontrollably, people don’t take the time to get clear. (While it’s not uncontrollable, sometimes people just can’t get there alone… more on this later)

Getting clear is about asking yourself the right questions.


  1. Do you want a certain kind of schedule? If yes (it should be yes) why? What is it that you want to do when you aren’t working?
  2. Do you want a certain amount of money? If yes… why? How much money do you need to do what you want to do?
  3. Do you want to make a difference in the market? Your community? The world? If so… what EXACTLY is it that you want to do and WHY?

Once you have answered these questions, make sure you have CLEAR answers. Not wishywashy, lukewarm, flexible answers. This is CRITICAL to getting the business that gives you an extra spring in your step and spice in your life. (Yes, it can really be that great.)

When you answer these questions, the answers should EXCITE YOU, when you think about having the business that does what you want it to do.


In other words, when you have created the business of its FULLEST POTENTIAL… no matter how long that takes… what does it look like?

NOW you know what you are creating.

NOW you know where you are going.

But what you also need to know some boundaries…. And THAT is crucial too.

What ELSE do you want out of life?

  • Time with your family?
  • Time to travel?
  • Time to learn a new language or instrument?
  • Workout?
  • Get more rest?

It’s important that, when you set HUGE goals, like the one to create YOUR DREAM BUSINESS, you make time for a quality life NOW.

***NOTE… if you’re a “I gotta grind while everyone else sleeps” person… either read and learn or go on about your way… your future heart attack and break up are waiting for you***

Make sure that you have an “off” time and protect that time.

That will not force you to get less done… it just encourages you to be more efficient at doing what matters most.

Which leads to the next three items.


This is NOT the same as lack of clarity. Clarity is having a clear vision. Focus makes sure you never forget that vision.


Every morning, every afternoon, every evening, remind yourself of what’s important in all areas of life. Remember your health, remember your relationships, remember your mindset, and remember your vision for these and how your business will feed them. Plan your day, week, month etc, accordingly.



If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you going to get there?

Yes, you set your vision and got clarity (RIGHT?!?!)…

But you can’t just quantum leap to that destination.

You have to break it down into steps, into legs of the trip.

Reverse engineer and work backwards from that vision.

What has to be true?

When you answer that question, ask yourself, “Does anything else have to be true, FIRST?”

When you have broken that process down to the final thing which has no other prerequisites, BEGIN THERE FIRST.

You should have LONG TERM goals, 5 and ten years down the road.

You should also have yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals.

The trick is, set your HUGE vision goals and WORK BACKWARDS.

When you ask yourself “If I reach this goal, what has to be true?” … and from each answer, ask yourself what else has to be true.

Work backwards until you find the thing that has to be true that is nearest to where you are now.

In other words, what’s the FIRST thing that has to be true?

Make that your first goal.

For example… If you’re going to be a millionaire… the first thing that has to be true is you have to have a plan, right?

So start with the plan.

Then you may need to acquire skills… so acquire those skills.

You may need to create products.

Raise prices.

Hire people.

Whatever has to be true next to get to the next level… THAT becomes your next goal.

Make sure you set goals for all areas of life:

  • Set progress goals
  • set financial goals
  • set “quality of life”goals
  • set growth goals

Make sure that the way you spend your time takes all of these goals into account.

Finally… the last lack that keeps you from being happy in your business is…


How many times have you started out the day, unsure of what to do, and you got “busy” checking emails, reading blog articles, “engaging” on social media, and found yourself zero percent richer or happier?

It’s because you have decided what your priority is in work tasks.

Decide what activities will get you closer to your goals fastest and do those first (more on this in a future post, stay tuned) and if nothing else gets done at the end of the day, you will still have moved the needle forward.

And THAT is whats going to create more happiness and less stress in your life.

It's impossible to measure progress without a clear destination.

How could you possibly know if you are closer if you haven’t even defined where you are going?

We are destined to evolve as human beings.

The pull to do that is innate.

Feeling like we are not progressing leaves a dissatisfaction to the soul that is absolutely toxic.

You DON’T have to be brilliant to make this work.

You just need to be focused, decisive, and consistent.

These are all things you can choose to be, and choose to improve on.


Then, with a series of deep questions to yourself figure out…


Then… simply…


At the end of the day, you will feel the energy and satisfaction and confidence that comes from progress.

At the end of several days like this, you will grow more confident and hopeful.

As you continue to be consistent in these processes, YOU WILL QUICKLY BE ABLE TO MEASURE THE GROWTH THAT IS HAPPENING.

At that point, people tend to get hooked to the process.

If you have to be hooked on something, growth is the best addiction.


These steps are SIMPLE… Not very complicated.

But that doesn’t mean they are easy, or achieved without difficulty.

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees.

Sometimes getting clarity, the first step, eludes you for so long that you give up on the rest.

I offer a consultation call that will help you get this clarity, regardless of what level of business you are at.

It’s $299, a two hour, very in depth call that has been likened to drinking from a fire hose because I’ll teach you so much…

But you’ll get the call recorded, notes, and, if my track record continues with it’s 100% success record, tremendous clarity on where you want to go, why, how you should get there, what you should do first, and for the next few months.

This or my group coaching program is my entry level access.

It’s the first step to making sure you get on track for the business and life you desire.

Contact me if you’re interested 🙂








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